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Citi Bank Placement papers/Test Papers Thursday 24th of July 2014

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Citi Bank interview questions and answers

Aptitude Questions

▪ Suppose the price elasticity of demand for text books is two and the price of the text book is increased by 10%. By how much does the quantity demand fall? Inter the result and discuss reasons for the fall in quantity demand?

▪ How many different ways are there to get 7 heads in 10 throws of a coin

▪ You toss a coin 100 times. find the probability that exactly 50 of the 100 tosses will be heads

▪ If you toss a fair coin 4 times what is the probability of getting all heads

▪ What are the odds of getting all heads in a coin tossed four times

▪ Probability of tossing a coin 10 times and getting exactly 4 heads

▪ If you flip a coin 10 times what is the probability of getting at least 4 heads

▪ A coin is tossed 10 times what is the probability of getting all heads

▪ Determine the probability of getting four heads when tossing a coin four times

▪ An unbiased coin is tossed five times. find the probability that the coin lands heads exactly once

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