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Android Frequently Asked Questions

Android Frequently Asked Questions,FAQs

▪ “Debug certificate expired” error in Eclipse Android plugins

▪ What is the simplest and most robust way to get the user's current location in Android?

▪ Difference between px, dp, dip and sp in Android?

▪ How do I do a lazy load of images in ListView?

▪ Proper use cases for Android UserManager.isUserAGoat()?

▪ How to send email from android programmatically

▪ Why is the Android emulator so slow?

▪ What are android kitkat features

▪ What is android jelly bean

▪ The difference among : SAX Parser,XPath,DOM,XMLPullParser ?

DOM The Nodes are in the form of Tree Structure Memory: It Occupies more memory, DOM is only preffered in the case of small XML documents..Store the entire XML document into memory befor processing Slower at runtime Stored as an objects Programmatically easy to implement Ease of navigation and use,can traverse in any direction. We can insert or delete,alter nodes. SAX : use when you want to access XML ( not alter XML) Sequence of events It doesn't use any memory preferred for large documents.Doesn't store the XML in memory before processing Faster at runtime, because of the above mentioned point. Objects are to be created. Need to write code for creating objects In SAX Backward navigation is not possible as it sequentially processes the document,top to bottom traversing We can't insert or delete a node XPATH: Xpath is useful when you only need a couple of values from the XML document and you know where to find them(you know the path of the data./root/item/challange/text) XMLPullParser: Fast and requires less memory with DOM

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